Roof Lantern Cleaning

Roof Lantern cleaning

As more living space is required, the addition of a roof lantern is becoming an increasingly popular feature in many homes.

We’ve gained extensive experience cleaning roof lanterns. We know they literally come in all shapes and sizes.

Trees overhanging the property play havoc with roof lantern glazing. Regular cleaning will prevent tree sap, dirt and debris build up, ensuring when you look up, it’s no different to looking out of a clean window.

We have lanterns that we clean regularly for as little as £5 every 6 weeks. We also undertake several large lantern cleans annually at between £45 and £85.

Using the knowledge gained over literally hundreds of lantern cleans we will soon have the main feature of your extension looking like new again.

Send us a picture if you’d like an immediate quote or we can price the roof lantern cleaning when we visit the property.