We Clean Windows… Inside!

  • Do you hate cleaning your windows inside?
  • Does your cleaner take all day (charging an hourly rate!) to clean your windows inside and still leave smears and streaks?
  • We fully understand that you don’t want your exterior window cleaner in your home; you don’t know his background and a strange man in the house can make you feel uncomfortable.

We have a female, professionally trained window cleaning team. (Fully insured and Criminal Record Checked with certification available on request).

They’ll clean your windows (inside) perfectly and quickly, no streaks, no smears, no fuss. More importantly, they’ll save you time and money.

Our established “outside” cleaners have trained them to use their expert techniques, so they can offer an exceptional service inside.

You’ll find they’re specialists in window cleaning and you’ll get a completely professional and courteous service from trained and uniformed staff. You’ll also get experts who take pride in delivering great results.

A regular service or single cleans are available.