Terms and Conditions of Business


By using our service you agree to our terms and conditions of business


1.1 How often will we visit

We offer a window clean every 6 weeks. We ask for some flexibility on time scales (public holidays etc)


1.2 Wet Weather

We work in the rain.


In over 15 years we have never had a call back due to windows cleaned badly in the rain, our system works in all weathers.


Our promise to you is that the results are as expected and our service guarantee still applies: If you’re not happy with the standard of the clean just contact us no more than 3 working days after our visit and we will return and clean again free of charge… if we‘re out there getting wet you have nothing to lose!


1.3 Turning us away

Our focus is customer service and we offer you reliability, but we also appreciate the customer being reliable.


On the day of the clean it is too late for us to replace your clean with other work, this in turn affects our business, exactly as if you went to work and were told that there was nothing for you to do that day and were sent home without getting paid a day’s wages.


We reserve the right, if turning our team away at the door or cancelling on the day with our office, to charge you the full price expected and/or cancel any ongoing service with us.


Please understand we will be flexible where building work or customer holidays prevent access but please give us a workable amount of notice (ideally 2 weeks) so that we can factor this space into our schedule.

1.4 Complaints procedure

We will always try to provide you with the best possible service. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our work, you must contact us within 3 working days of the clean. We will then return as soon as possible to re clean and do everything possible to leave you completely satisfied with our service. We welcome constructive criticism as we are always trying to improve where possible. Our focus is the customer, we aim to keep the customer happy and the business looks after itself. Please note that complaints made after 3 working days may not be re cleaned.


1.5 Confidentiality

All customer information is kept on a confidential database and is not discussed or shared with any individual or company, as is required under the terms and conditions of the data protection act.


1.6 Payments

All payments must be made in full within 10 days of the clean date. Please try to imagine if you went to work and they “forgot” to pay you at the end of the month! Its very difficult trying to run a business, we’d rather not make our focus debt collection. Cash flow is imperative, our wages/insurance/diesel/equipment rely on our satisfied customers paying for the reliable service we strive to provide. Please understand this. 


1.7 Ending our services

If for any reason you should wish to cancel our services you have the right to do so at any time. This can be done by telephone on 01277 532577 or by email to info@wecleanwindows.co.uk


We do not offer one off window cleans, because of this a cancellation charge of £30.00 will be payable if cancelled before a second clean has taken place.


Our Methods


2.1 Reach and Wash Window Cleaning


We will be using a water fed pole system to access and clean all your windows. This method uses only purified tap water, no chemicals or detergents making it 100% safe for people, pets, plants and the environment it is used in. The water is purified at our base and transported with us in our vans. We will arrive with all the equipment we need to carry out this work. Our purified water is pumped from the van along hoses, up telescopic poles and through a brush, which we use to scrub dirt from your glass, frames and sills. We ask that access around your property is provided and all your windows and doors are closed. Once cleaned, surfaces are left to dry naturally as is normal in this method, because the water is deionised it dries leaving no marks at all.


We can clean to a height of 7 storeys or 72ft. We are only able to clean along a clear line of sight, some angles or high recessed surfaces my not be possible to clean. We also use this method to clean conservatory roofs and fascia and soffits.

2.2 Traditional squeegees and ladder


Occasionally it is appropriate to use traditional methods in modern day window cleaning. Inside window cleaning can require squeegee and soapy water if heavy soiling is present, however usually we find pure water and cloths are more than adequate. When window cleaning inside we require you to clear window sills and obstructive furniture, this allows us to continue with our work efficiently and safely. If we need to access low-level flat roofs to carry out work, we will use a ladder to gain this access.


2.3 Gutter Clearing with industrial Vacuum.


We will use a powerful wet and dry vacuum from ground level to a maximum height of 40 feet. All the waste is sucked out of the gutters through poles and into the machine just like when you vacuum your carpets. On completion we will remove the waste from your property. We will use a generator to power the electric vacuum.


2.4 Insurance


We have extensive public liability insurance covering window cleaning /gutter clearing business practices, certification is available on request.


2.5 Text message before we come


You may wish to be contacted each time the day before we come for access or other reasons. We will text alert you at 7pm the evening before we are due.